Here is Your In-Home Care Task Checklist

In-home care can mean many different things.  What home care tasks are important to you?

Use this checklist to help identify the in-home care you or your loved one actually need.

Then call on the Home Care Advisors at Sunlife to help you design an in-home care plan to meet your specific needs and budget.

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Personal Care
 Help with Bathing or Showering

 Skin Check and apply lotions or medications as needed

 Help with dressing

 Oral hygiene help

 Denture care help

 Comb & set hair

 Nail Care for hands and feet (filing nails and cleaning)

 Toileting Assistance

 Incontinence Care or Perineal Care

 Catheter/Ostomy Bag (Empty Only)

Housekeeping & Laundry
 Vacuuming

 Dusting

 Changing bedding

 Clearing clutter and straightening rooms

 Organizing household items

 Removing trip hazards

 Meal cleanup


 Planning meals to include food preferences and dietary restrictions

 Grocery shopping

 Help with cooking or meal preparation

 Managing nutrition and fluid intake and reporting problems to medical staff


Lifestyle Support
 Reminders or assistance with exercise as prescribed

 Encouragement to continue or return to daily routines

 Help with meeting smoking and alcohol guidelines

 Help with improving sleep schedule and hours of rest

 Fresh air, temperature and light regulation for health, comfort and safety


Errands & Transportation
 Transport or accompany to handle shopping, medical appointments or social engagements

 Pick up prescriptions, foodstuffs or other shopping needs

 Pick up mail or packages


 Medication Reminders – in person

 Medication Reminders – remote

 Help patient adhere to dosage, timing, diet requirements or restrictions

 Help patient and family understand side effects, dosage requirements


Social Engagement
 Help to plan and carry out simple outings & social activities with friends and family

 Arts & crafts, hobby

 Cards, board games, online games, puzzles

 Sharing music, movies, television shows together

 Encouraging sharing of stories and memories – looking at pictures together

 General companionship – preparing meals together, getting mail together


Safety Precautions
 Fall Risk Evaluation

 Complete evaluation of in-home safety

 Transfer Assistance (Bed, Car, Chair)

 Repositioning for bed-bound individuals

 Help with walking in house or beyond

 Help using assistive devices

 Help with Safety Alert Systems


 Assist patient to understand communications from providers

 Help patient to share information with concerned family and friends

 Caregiver Direct Communication with Family

 Caregiver Communication with other in home providers (PT, OT, Home Health, DME, Oxygen)

 Caregiver Communication with providers outside of home (physician, skilled nursing, Pharmacist, Clinic)

 Scheduling medical appointment


Learn more about Sunlife in home care for seniors, following an illness, or post surgery.  See if Sunlife in-home care can help you to stay independent longer.