Certified Nursing Assistant

Job Description for Certified Nursing Assistant



JOB TITLE: Certified Nursing Assistant
REPORTS TO: Client Services Supervisor

To provide safe, reliable and high quality services and supports to the people in your care, in their home. Ensure that the services and supports meet the essential personal and physical needs of each person in order to increase or maintain self-sufficiency. To ensure that services are provided in accordance with the SunLife Mission and Code of Ethics.

18 years of age.
Demonstrated commitment to the care of elder people and people with disabilities.
Demonstrated dependability, good attendance, punctuality, communication skills, emotional fitness, and honesty.
Completion of an accredited CNA course.
Current CNA license in good standing issued by the Arizona State Board of Nursing.
Required to pass a criminal/background check in accordance with A.R.S. §36-41 and A.R.S. § 36-411.
Required to obtain and maintain a Fingerprint Clearance Card.
Must be able to transport self to the work sites on a regularly scheduled basis.
Maintain the State of Arizona required level of liability insurance, maintain registration for all vehicles being used, and possess
a current Arizona’s driver’s license.
Caregivers who provide transportation services to people with developmental disabilities must submit to an annual Motor
Vehicle Division records check and meet eligibility requirements.
Must provide three (3) verifiable references (non-family). One reference must be from a previous employer.
Must have and maintain current CPR and First Aid Certifications.
Prior to be being employed and annually thereafter, must submit evidence of freedom from pulmonary tuberculosis.

Graduate of an accredited High School or equivalent, preferred.
One year experience in Direct Client care, Attendant Care, Personal Care, or as a CNA in Home Health.

Provide safe, reliable and high quality services and supports in accordance with the Care Plan, the service authorization, and
SunLife Policies and Procedures for your assigned individuals.
Assist each assigned individual to maintain their personal cleanliness and activities of daily living through the following tasks:
Assist with showering, bathing, toileting, dressing and shampooing.
Assist with oral hygiene
Assist with transfer to and from wheelchair and/or bed
Assist with eating, where the assistance required may include: Planning, shopping, storing, cooking,
serving or bringing nutritional food to the individual;
Feeding the individual or assisting the individual with eating
Assist with routine ambulation activities and or range of motion exercises as per the care plan.
Assist with tasks necessary for the comfort and safety of the people in your care when they may
have restricted movements.
Assist the individual with special appliances and/or prosthetic devices. (This is only required
when the procedure is routine, well-established and is in accordance with the Care Plan.)
Provide medication reminders and assist the individual with his/her self administration of medication.

Monitor the individual’s medical condition and functioning level and report, any noticeable change to the
Director or Assistant Director of clinical services.
Provide assistance to attain or maintain safe and sanitary living conditions, including but not limited to the following tasks:
Cleaning tasks – dusting, cleaning floors, bathrooms, refrigerator, kitchen, washing dishes
Laundry tasks – washing, drying and folding laundry of the person assigned to your care
Changing linen and making bed;
Shopping for and storing the individual’s medicine and household supplies;
Provide only those services listed in the patient’s plan of care.
Maintain skin integrity and the prevention of pressure sores.
Follow a Code of Conduct which includes but is not limited to:
Maintain confidentiality and follow SunLife Privacy Plan.
Act and communicate in an appropriate professional manner at all times.
Request assistance if uncomfortable or unsure with any assignment.
Follow your Clinical Director’s instructions. (SunLife considers failure to follow instructions to be insubordination.)
Submit all required paperwork within the requested time frame.
Attend meetings and/or trainings as requested.
Adhere to SunLife dress code.
Observe universal precautions at all times and obey all SunLife safety policies and procedures.
Obtain and document client’s vital signs as directed by the care plan or the client case manager.
Other duties as assigned by the Area Supervisor or Area Manager.

This position requires that you be able to speak, read and write at a level, which allows
full communication and participation in a team situation.
This position has the following physical requirements:
Full vision, or correctable adequate vision (glasses or contacts)
Full hearing or correctable adequate hearing.
Lifting and carrying a minimum of 25 pounds unassisted.
Functional gross and fine motor skills, and functional dexterity in all aspects of body movements.
Frequent lifting, transferring, and repositioning of patients
Repeated or prolonged standing, bending, kneeling, twisting and occasional climbing of stairs
Agility and strength sufficient to handle patients and equipment without assistance
Must be able to appropriately respond physically and psychologically to emergency situations in the home or during transport.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job functions.
All employees must comply with SunLife Nicotine, Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy.

While providing supports and services you may be exposed to the following working conditions:
All job assignments will be performed in the individual’s home and immediate community.
Certain job assignments may require employee to work an unconventional schedule.
Certain job assignments may require employee to work holidays.
Certain job assignments may expose employee to blood borne pathogens, allergens and other health conditions.
Certain job assignments may expose employee to profanity and offensive/violent behavior.


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